Loren Weisman


Loren is available as a College Speaker, guest speaker and music business speaker covering informative speaking topics on success in the music business and other businesses outside of music today.

In this video, highlights include aspects that are directed at the music industry as a whole but also address many businesses outside of music and entertainment as well. 

College Speaker and Music Business Speaker Loren Weisman

As a college speaker and music business speaker, Loren speaks on an array of topics to fit diverse audiences with the end results being to inspire, motivate and empower musicians to business persons, entertainers to accountants and everyone in between.

Loren’s three most popular Seminars Include:
 Realistic Music Careers 101

Online Marketing and Branding 101, 

Budgets, Numbers and Music Business Plans 101.

Loren also covers marketing approaches, promotion and branding for small businesses and business owners outside of music. 

Loren’s Other Topics Include: (these have applications outside of music as well)

  • Branding your band, your content and your images.
  • Social media optimization, uniformity & continuity
  • Music marketing in an over-saturated music market.
  • Music business plan and action plans for your career
  • The importance of your education in music
  • Music funding – fundraising, investors, budgets and expenses
  • The importance of videos and the content underneath them
  • What makes people buy today?
  • How to build, maintain and sustain a fan base that converts to sales
  • How to market with out spamming
  • Vicarious marketing and relatable marketing

Here are a few videos of Loren Speaking to audiences:

1. Connecting with fans….
Draw interest from new fans with good bios that make you more relatable. – Segment from The Singer/Songwriter Conference in Cape May, New Jersey.

2. Keywords for content….

3. Music Content….

3. Learning Music Theory is crucial…

 More videos of Loren discussing different elements of the music business as well as other videos featuring Loren as a college speaker and music business speaker can be found on his YouTube site at http://www.youtube.com/lorenweisman

Music Business Consultant, Speaker & Author Loren Weisman works to help, assist & consult independent artists, businesses in and out of the arts, labels & managers to achieve sustainable success through consulting & speaking.
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