Music Biz Memes for February 2013

Music Biz Memes from Loren Weisman 
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#MusicBizMemes You are going to have to build it up before they will come.

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Respect the opinions, inspirations, influences and tastes of others even if…

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Most  looking for info about your music, dont care what your lunch looked like.

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Its not the size that counts, its the engineer, mixer or producer that captures…

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Some Foot Up Your Back Side #MusicMarketing Advice

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Continually asking some one to like a page is going to keep them away.

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Music Biz Memes – Even If….

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A true #musician is more than someone that plays an instrument.

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#MusicBizMemes – Your lack of the ability and effort to learn will hurt you.

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You got to brand it, market it & promote it, if you want your music to make it!

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Though some people should help you, it doesn’t mean they are going to.

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The average fan is taking enough crap, they don’t need it from you too.

There is a fine separation in marketing from the personal to the professional online and even on stage. Too much personal will blank out the music, the vibe and the band. Having either a personal page and a fan or pro page is going to attract audiences faster. For a new artist that has a page full of pictures of lunch, political rants, religious views and anything else is filling up a page and making it harder for a first time viewer to find out what you are really about. Think before you post. It can be personal, but does it help push the reader to want to find out more about the professional or the music and does it have a call to action that draws them to the music? Make sure to answer yes.
There is a fine separation in marketing from the personal to the professional.

This just happened to me!!! A True Facebook First. I just received a pretty wild and crass email from an owner of a Facebook group that added me with out asking me, giving me a choice or making me aware of the group. The private message consisted of a three paragraph rant explaining how selfish I am for not posting material or interacting on his page to help his other group members/ Followed by telling me how awful my first book was, how stupid my second book will be and how I was a shitty drummer. Top notch networking my man. And found it more funny to share here, than engage this guy. To anyone a little more (lets say balanced), if you like my content, my videos, my rants, thoughts, pics or advice, please feel free to click the share button or embed if you like, all I ask is that you point a link back to me. As far as the auto adding or adding with out permission...invite people and if you want them to engage or post, ask them nicely! If they dont join your group, like your page or share your post, dont go all bat shit crazy on them.
Music Biz Memes with some Music Industry BS – This just happened to me!!!

music biz memes, college student, artists guideBefore you can help anyone else, you have to learn to help yourself..

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Music Biz Memes – There is a fine line between assertive & dominant promotion.

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It takes time to build up reviews. But don’t make up fake reviews for yourself.

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#MusicBizMemes – Think before you post.

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#MusicBizMemes – There are way too many bullshit “awards shows”

Music Biz Memes for February 2013

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