What is a Team Leader and Selling Specialist in the Real Estate World?

What is a Team Leader and Selling Specialist in the Real Estate World? The podcast blog supplement and “You Guest it” post from Jillian Von Ohlen  and Wait What Really Ok Episode 45: Why is real estate marketing not working for so many on social media?

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What is a team leader and selling specialist?

In the world of real estate we have different terminology that we use within the industry that most people outside of the business wouldn’t know or understand. Being a Team Leader (aka Manager or Rainmaker) means to lead and inspire your team. You are the visionary and create the plan and pathway for the team to succeed and grow.

What is a team leader and selling specialist? A rainmaker of sorts.

The Rainmaker produces the business and creates the marketing to attract more business. If we aren’t doing our job and doing it correctly, our team doesn’t succeed and, ultimately, will fall apart. The great thing about working under Keller Williams Realty and creating a team is they give you free reign to form whatever kind of team you prefer. You can have a team of 2 people or 30 people and you don’t even have to open up your own brokerage to do it. What a great way to run your business and not need to take on the responsibility of managing an office and massive overhead. My goal, as I continue to grow, is to have a team of 30 people and being the go-to agents for everyone in the United States and specifically the Treasure Coast.

A Selling Specialist (aka Listing Specialist and covering the second half of the what is a team leader and selling specialist question) is an agent who specifically works with sellers and handles the MLS listings . I prefer to call it a Selling Specialist as I don’t believe in just listing homes; I actually want to sell them. To me it’s a play on words that ultimately means the same thing, yet puts a positive twist on it to make it more effective. Kind of like the saying “Half full cup or half empty cup.” Same thing, just a more positive view point.

What is a team leader and selling specialist? It’s my role at the Von Ohlen team.

Jillian Von Ohlen is a Team Manager and Listing Specialist that is teaching, training and assisting new and established agents up and down the Treasure Coast. Her marketing, networking and engagement is rooted in the Treasure Coast but branches out across the US.

Find out more about Jillian Von Ohlen and The Von Ohlen Team from Keller Williams Realty at http://treasurecoasthomeseeker.com/

She is also a Member of Realtor Association of St. Lucie, NAR, Agent Leadership Council at KW & KW Ignite Trainer

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What is a Team Leader and Selling Specialist? 
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