Inner Peace Outer Abundance Extended Foreword from Loren Weisman

Inner Peace Outer Abundance Extended Foreword from Loren Weisman. The podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really Ok Episode 54, “How authenticity and honesty can be awkward and uncomfortable.”

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Inner Peace Outer Abundance…

This is the extended version of the Inner Peace Outer Abundance Foreword that I was asked to write for Kim Ha Cambell’s new book. While it is in a way, it could be considered a second edition, Kim has transformed all the elements of her stories, her BEACH Success System, her experiences and her message in to an even more complete and thorough book.

The Foreword in the book will be a bit shorter but still carry the same message as you can read below.

Inner Peace Outer Abundance Extended Foreword

I have never been a very big fan of most life coaches, business coaches, or motivational speakers. Many of them seem to build amazing careers by offering only motivation, with very little actual information given to those looking for it. The self-help field has, in many ways, helped those offering the help but has often only hurt the wallets and careers of those who subscribe, pay, and are looking for guidance.

Don’t get me wrong; motivation and inspiration are a crucial part of the drive to execute the work that needs to be done. However, the money that has been spent on motivation and inspiration–in the absence of direction, information and planning—has left many people excited, but also uninformed and motionless.

Without a personalized plan and an individualized strategy and approach, all the inspiration in the world is, in most cases, not going to help you. By the same token, listening to those who have been linearly successful in a single business or venture as they try to explain why they understand all business makes for a dangerous mentorship model.

Suppose you know an amazing pro baseball player who can’t play football at all. Yet, since he is a professional athlete, he opens up a business to coach any athlete at any level to become a professional football player. This sounds crazy, yet it is a widespread commonality in the self-help and life-coaching world: that guy or girl who had that one success using a method that isn’t applicable on a wider scale, now claiming to have all the answers for everyone in every business.

The same goes with budgets and connections; every situation is unique. If, for example, you owned a used, economy-style car and you wanted to go to a lecture, clinic, or event that would help you to maintain that vehicle, make it last, and even make it a little better on a smaller budget, why would you pay top dollar to attend a Lamborghini Veneno event that explains how to take care of a four-million-dollar-plus vehicle?

Yet, this is happening all over the life-coaching, self-help, and business coaching circuit, every day, where “success specialists” fail to share what budgets were available, what teams were in place, or a series of other variables that make all the difference in the world in a given success story. And while those coaches can ignite huge amounts of motivation and inspiration, the actual information they provide is limited in value.

These phishing schemes that play off an unauthentic, “broad-brush” message are sad to me. I would have a great deal more respect for many of the above types if they would say, “This is what I did, what I had to do it with, and how I did it. When it comes to this area, field, or business with these parameters, I can help you.” But, instead, these singular-success coaches, consultants, and advisors paint wide stories of having all the answers for everything and every situation.

Then there are those who supposedly worked for a business and achieved success but don’t really know that business.

I remember having an intern in a recording studio where I produced records, and this person just couldn’t seem to get the details of what needed to be done. As we realized that the role was really not an internship but more like an assistant for the studio as a whole, we decided to have him stick around and paid him basically as a gopher. He ran for coffee and food, picked talent up at the airport, and cleaned up.

A number of years later, he listed on his LinkedIn page and on his attached resumé that he was an assistant producer and co-engineer for a number of the sessions in the studio. Next, he claimed to have mentored under me and listed himself as a producer. Now, it doesn’t really matter what he may have learned since I worked with him; the fact is that he was hyping, altering, and lying about an experience to seem more knowledgeable.

The same can happen with those who work for someone in real estate, law, entertainment, insurance, or other fields. Yes, they were a part of it, but did they actually know what was being done, how it was being done, or what made it successful? The scary part is that many of the coaches out there who were in these businesses really had no business being there, nor did they have any real, original ideas about success in that business.

So, I would also have a great deal more respect for those whose knowledge may be imperfect but who take the time to fill in a few more details of what they do and don’t know.

I wish those who truly want to coach, train, or teach would work to develop and educate themselves to be honorable teachers and trainers, rather than just becoming a certified life coach. I wish people would dig deeper, vet, practice due diligence, and find out the who, what, where, when, why, and how of a business, a mentor, or a consultant.

I wish there were greater humility and that we might see more transparency in the successes, the failures, and the true abilities of what people have done and what they offer.

The authority, expertise, and authenticity of true experience is rare. Yet it is everywhere in Inner Peace Outer Abundance.

So … think about that old saying: “Buy five business books or three self-help books, and you have bought them all.” Most of the time, regurgitated books, talks, lectures, workbooks, and phrases are repeated over and over again by so many. Unfortunately the majority, beyond offering a short-term jolt of inspiration, have no idea of how to help, how to coach, how to consult, or how to inspire over the long term.

But in this book, Inner Peace Outer Abundance, I promise that you will find that motivation, inspiration, information: a biography and life plan rooted in the best steps and mapping the clearest routes to help yourself, your business sense, and your dreams.

There are some things missing from this book, however. In Inner Peace, Outer Abundance, you won’t find a lot of stereotypical and over-saturated jargon used over and over. Instead, this book is a biography, a story, a guide, a method, and a platform of change for growth. It offers a foundation to build your own inner peace and outer abundance.  Also, you won’t find any “secrets” or “silver bullets” between these covers. Rather than hype some “hidden knowledge,” the author, Kim Ha Campbell, is telling the world what she has learned about the path to true success! No secrets here!

There is no talk in this book of “Mastermind,” “Masterminding,” or a “Mastermind Group.”

And best of all, in the eleven chapters of Inner Peace Outer Abundance, you will never comes across the following words or phrases:







“Moving the needle”

“Thinking outside the box”

“Getting your ducks in a row”

“Taking it offline”

“Giving 110 percent”

Instead, in Inner Peace Outer Abundance, you will experience:

– the true sense of a story that inspires authority;

– a woman who found strength, independence, clarity, and conviction;

– the factual history of her numerous successes and how she approached them;

– the best ways for each personality and each individual to approach and achieve goals;

– a way to begin forward motion to create the momentum and endurance that dreams require.

Kim Ha Campbell’s legitimacy, authenticity, and authority are unmatched by anything I have ever seen. 

The experience and expertise that Kim shares in this book, her mentoring, and her training are rooted in rock-solid information. At the same time, the motivation and inspiration is through the roof. She inspires with direction. She motivates people while activating them to go forward. And she shares the avenues to take. She doesn’t have all the answers, but she can direct you to the path and the people who do.

I don’t know how she made it through everything that was thrown at her. I don’t know why she chose to continue to take chances instead of settling for her early successes.

I do know that her ability to teach, train, guide, and lead allows those who listen to her to underpin their inner peace and outer abundance with amazing opportunities while learning the unique building blocks for their individual dreams.

Kim is my mentor, my guide, my friend … and she can be yours, too.

Loren Weisman

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Inner Peace Outer Abundance Extended Foreword from Loren Weisman 

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Inner Peace Outer Abundance Extended Foreword from Loren Weisman 

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