Inner Peace Outer Abundance Foreword Sample from Loren Weisman

inner peace outer abundance, loren weisman, wait what really ok

Inner Peace Outer Abundance Foreword Sample from Loren Weisman. The podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really OK Podcast Episode 54, “How authenticity and honesty can be awkward and uncomfortable.”

inner peace outer abundance

Inner Peace Outer Abundance…

This is a sample of the Inner Peace Outer Abundance Foreword that I was asked to write for Kim Ha Cambell’s new book. While it is in a way, it could be considered a second edition, Kim has transformed all the elements of her stories, her BEACH Success System, her experiences and her message into an even more complete and thorough book.

Inner Peace Outer Abundance Foreword Sample

I have never been a very big fan of most life coaches, business coaches, or motivational speakers. Many of them seem to build amazing careers by offering only motivation, with very little actual information given to those looking for it. The self-help field has, in many ways, helped those offering the help but has often only hurt the wallets and careers of those who subscribe, pay, and are looking for guidance.

Don’t get me wrong; motivation and inspiration are a crucial part of the drive to execute the work that needs to be done. However, the money that has been spent on motivation and inspiration–in the absence of direction, information, and planning—has left many people excited, but also uninformed and motionless.

Without a personalized plan and an individualized strategy and approach, all the inspiration in the world is, in most cases, not going to help you. By the same token, listening to those who have been linearly successful in a single business or venture as they try to explain why they understand all business makes for a dangerous mentorship model.

Suppose you know an amazing pro baseball player who can’t play football at all. Yet, since he is a professional athlete, he opens up a business to coach any athlete at any level to become a professional football player. This sounds crazy, yet it is a widespread commonality in the self-help and life-coaching world: that guy or girl who had that one success using a method that isn’t applicable on a wider scale, now claiming to have all the answers for everyone in every business.

The same goes with budgets and connections; every situation is unique. If, for example, you owned a used, economy-style car and you wanted to go to a lecture, clinic, or event that would help you to maintain that vehicle, make it last, and even make it a little better on a smaller budget, why would you pay top dollar to attend a Lamborghini Veneno event that explains how to take care of a four-million-dollar-plus vehicle?…..

Inner Peace Outer Abundance Foreword continued in the book

inner peace outer abundance, wait what really ok

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Inner Peace Outer Abundance Foreword Sample from Loren Weisman 

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