Why should you spend money with me in June? My $333.33 3rd Q Pack.

why should you spend money with me, loren weisman, consulting

Why should you spend money with me in June? My $333.33 3rd Q Pack. The podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really Ok Podcast Episode 59, “What is the difference between intention and perception online?”
why should you spend money with me in june, loren weisman

Why should you spend money with me in June?

The first reason is that this is the most affordable discount I do all year. My $333.33 3rd Q pack includes 3 hour long sessions by phone, Skype, Zoom or in person, (if you come to me) as well as 3, 30-minute review, analysis and research sessions that are prepared for you before each talk.

This is my fast track and most affordable package that is offered in June to help you move into the third quarter of the year with the best motion possible.

The $333.33 3rd Q pack is a good fit for anyone or business that is starting the organization of their brand all the way up to those shifting or reorganizing their brand.

While the price tag is more affordable, it still is up to you to do the work. The strategies put together are only as effective as the execution that you apply or you give to your marketing team, advertisers or content creators.

Why should you spend money with me in June?

With a focus to examine….

  • What has worked for you or your business
  • What isn’t working
  • Where money and time has been spent effectively
  • Where money and time are being lost
  • How content has worked and where the messaging may be off.
  • Looking at the intention vs the perception that is coming from your content

We can find answers together on the best path forward for you.

This is not about views, likes, creating videos or other ad hype.

This package is about creating a fast blueprint to move forward with, in the third quarter of the year to increase exposure, conversions, and sales.

If you are looking for more in-depth branding, then one of my larger packages may suit you better.

If you want to work with me on a larger package but want to get started laying out the best groundwork to move forward when the time or budget is bigger, this can be an effective package for you to get ducks in a row, build your own presence and return when you are ready.

This package also gives you plenty of outlines, ideas, applications and strategies that you can put together yourself or with your team.

My $333.33 3rd Q Pack also discusses aspects of misconceptions, mistakes, and assumptions to move away from, while sharing the root of engagement messaging and a revamping of how you approach social media, advertising, and your marketing budget.

Why should you spend money with me in June?

Each set of sessions is custom tailored to the individual and where they are with their business. No cookie cutter templates, BS hype or methods that only apply to larger budgets and bigger companies.

This PDF link explains a little more about what I do as a whole as well as different areas that can be addressed in this package – https://lorenweisman.com/brief-bpm

Every concept I share is proven, every idea is factually backed up. This is not hype, theory or how we all wish it could be. These concepts come from factual proof and examples worked across an array of business sizes and budgets.  

Head into the third quarter with the best shoes to walk on the best path to create the best results for your vision or business. Let me assist in aligning, defining and designing a basic plan to make the summer stronger.

Contact me at lorenweisman @ gmail.com to move forward.
why should you spend money with me in june, what is the difference between intention

The Podcast Link Supplement for episode 59 of the Wait What Really OK Podcast is The Cumberland Farms Smart Pay App. https://cumberlandfarms.com/smartpay
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Tune In on iHeartRadio to listen to Episode 59, “What is the difference between intention and perception online?” of the Wait What Really OK Podcast below:

Watch the podcast video supplement for Wait What Really OK Podcast Episode 59, How does arguing online hurt your reputation offline?

Loren Weisman is a Branding Strategist and Speaker who aligns, defines and designs individualized branding and content plans for start-up and established businesses. Based in Winter Garden, Florida, Loren Weisman is the host of the Brand Management and Marketing Podcast, Wait What Really OK.
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Why should you spend money with me in June? My $333.33 3rd Q Pack.

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