Psychological Branding Speaker and Strategist? What is that?

psychological branding speaker and strategist

Psychological Branding Speaker and Strategist? What is that? The podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really Ok Podast Episode 70, “What is Brand Strategy Discovery? A core element that many miss.”Psychological branding speaker and strategist, loren weismanPsychological branding speaker and strategist? What is that???

This is the idea that goes beyond your logo, your font or your attitude. In a day of so many so-called branding experts and personal branding gurus that only deliver a vague and ego-driven approach, those that take a more mental or psychological approach to branding can help you connect better with your own brand identity as well as how that identity connects with the public.

A Psychological Branding Speaker and Strategist does what?

In the easiest terms, a psychological branding speaker and strategist identifies and exploits patterns, possibilities, and opportunities to create the best authentic plans for connections, the highest level of engagement and the most conversions to profit with the least amount of cost. It is taking in into consideration the mindset of people in the creation or reformatting of a brand over developing a linear brand that doesn’t consider it’s audience.

The rules have changed. In the oversaturation of messaging and messages, considering the mindsets of others, the similarities and the differences as you create the foundation for the brand you want to have will allow you to penetrate in a world where many just block what is put in front of them every day.

Psychological branding speaker and strategist Loren Weisman.

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The Podcast Link Supplement for Episode 70  of the Wait What Really OK Podcast is The Artists Guide to Success in the Music Business on Amazon at

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The podcast video supplement for Wait What Really OK Podcast Episode 70 is titled: Have you discovered someone else is trying to be you on Facebook?

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Psychological Branding Speaker and Strategist? What is that?

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