Book Promotion ideas to showcase authority and ideas to skip on.

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Book Promotion ideas to showcase authority and ideas to skip on is the podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really OK Podcast Episode 83, “This book is not a best seller and it does not want to be one.”book promotion ideas, loren weisman, book cover, this book is not a best seller

Book Promotion ideas

There are plenty of people explaining how you should do this or you should do that when it comes to a book. The problem lies in those ideas that are not fully explored, fully tested or fully proven. With hundreds of consultants promising to make your book a best seller or rank high on Amazon or get you all the interviews you could ever need, it seems awfully strange how in touching base with their former clients, the bulk seem very angry.

Like anything else, it’s all about due diligence and making the calls as well as sending the emails to find out not only if what someone claimed they did, they actually did do, but further than that, finding out about the budgets that were involved.

Making sure someone can help you with the budget you have is crucial. If they can create a massive buzz with tens of thousands of dollars that you don’t have, they might not be the best fit for you.  This is a book worth of material in itself, but here are a couple ideas to apply and a few to pass on.

A few book promotion ideas to showcase your authority

Share over sell. Do not try to sell your book every day online. A constant barrage of add will put up walls form people. Instead, create content that touches on different parts of the book, characters, influences and stories outside of the story you are telling.

By engaging a visitor that has never heard of your book, while still working to engage those that have already read it, you can grow a bigger audience as you keep your existing audience engaged and connected.

Pull quotes and place them not only as content but also across sites like Reddit, GoodReads, and other authority quote sites. Add quotes, book cover images and do a little each day. Joining different book sites and slowly expanding the message wider and wider with an authentic approach will compound your growth and open up different doors and avenues to more reviews and recognition.

And a major book promotion idea to avoid.

Stop the excess hype!

Stop saying a book is a best seller when it isn’t. It is easier to look up these facts and tell you are lying. Stop taking the shortcuts of making it out to be bigger than it is. Buying these little packages that allow your book to be downloaded for free and then up your sales number is a scam. So for one moment, you have what appears to be a whole bunch of downloads and an amazing sales number online? It goes away a second later.

Put the time into the organic, into the authentic and into the authority building elements of promotion over the scamming shortcuts and empty hype. You will bring a better reputation to your book and the chances of it selling well.

Stop trying for the best seller claim and focus on making it sell great. Stop hyping with worthless content and share with the reasons why someone might enjoy your book and why they would want to pick it up. Bring you into the marketing!This book is not a best seller and does not want to be one, podcast, loren weisman, wait what really ok

The podcast link supplement for episode 83 of the Wait What Really OK Podcast is The Not a Best Seller Website. This site will add updates and information up to the 10-18-18 release date of the new book. a best seller, loren weisman, book, wait what really okTune In on iHeartRadio to listen to episode 83, “This book is not a best seller and it does not want to be one” of the Wait What Really OK Podcast below:

The podcast video supplement for Wait What Really OK Podcast episode 83 is titled: This book is not a best seller. Why I chose and love this title.

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Book Promotion ideas to showcase authority and ideas to pass on.
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