Digital currency and blockchain checklist (a short one) of facts and fiction

digital currency and blockchain checklist

Digital currency and blockchain checklist (a short one) of facts and fiction is the podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really OK Podcast Episode 86.

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Digital currency and blockchain checklist abbreviated.

Doug Fish from Fish Holdings gives a few simple examples of a few true and false pieces that help to explain and clarify aspects of digital currency. A great deal of half-truths, hearsay and rumors have taken this world by storm. This is not the end all be all, but here are three facts and three pieces of fiction to help you on your journey to understanding this world.

Digital currency and blockchain checklist of truths.

1)  Digital Currency (cryptocurrency)  is the next evolution of money

– True:  While still relatively unknown, so was the internet when it was launched.  It has the potential to be the safest, fastest and cheapest form of payments both locally and internationally.

2)  Digital Currency is a wealth producer but highly volatile.

– True: Currently digital currencies can be bought and sold on currency exchanges.  There values move up and down daily.

3)  The blockchain has the potential to change the world

– True:  Big business and top leaders have figured this out and are pouring millions into developing this technology.  It is leading the charge on transforming the global financial platforms and is producing groundbreaking opportunities in the recording. storing and executions of data, information and contract executions.

Some false parts of the digital currency and blockchain checklist

1)  Digital Currency is nothing but a scam

– False:  Evil exists in the world.  Cell phones and their camera capabilities have been used for documented crimes.  Look for the good and lead with how technology can make the world a better place.

2)  The blockchain is not secure

– False:  There are several stories of lost and stolen bitcoins and other digital currencies.  What is not known is that these thefts did not happen on the blockchain itself but rather in and around the exchange platforms they do business with.

3)  I can wait until someone else figures out how to use digital currency before I need to use it.

– False:  Most of the world operates under this attitude while the rich keep getting richer.  If you do any shopping, learning or business online, start learning now.  Not only can it be profitable to your life’s bottom line but you can make a difference by helping others save money as well.
How will blockchain change the world

The podcast link supplement for episode 86 of the Wait What Really OK Podcast is the Crypto N’ Kafe article. The full story is here: kafe, wait what really ok, loren weisman

If you would like to hear episode 86, “How will blockchain change the world? The borderless payment system.” of the Wait What Really OK Podcast, it is available on iHeartRadio below:

The podcast video supplement for Wait What Really OK Podcast episode 86 is called whats the blockchain? A decentralized public general ledger system.

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Digital currency and blockchain checklist (a short one) of facts and fiction
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