Chasing your brand and focusing your plan. The next book overview.

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Chasing your brand and focusing your plan is my next book. It is written by Karl M. Gibbons, Cheryl Lampard and Loren Weisman is the podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really OK Podcast Episode 88.chasing your brand and focusing your plan, books, gibbons lampard weisman

Chasing your brand and focusing your plan. The next book overview

Chasing Your Brand And Focusing Your Plan runs on three perspectives from three authors on contemporary business structures and focused branding strategies that work for anyone from the aspiring entrepreneur to the established CEO. This content and these concepts are based in organized, proof of concept and tested approaches that work for the startup entrepreneur just as well as they work for the established businessperson. With understandable and relatable information coming from these three reputable, experienced and authoritative sources, chasing your brand and focusing your plan delivers an array of practical tactics and actionable strategies that help you to uncover the hidden value in your business.

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The book is written by GLW Talk Across

GLW Talk Across is presenting, showcasing and sharing contemporary business structures and focused branding strategies that work for anyone from the aspiring entrepreneur to the established CEO. GLW Talk Across features Karl M. Gibbons, Cheryl Lampard and Loren Weisman speaking both separately and together.

Chasing Your Brand And Focusing Your Plan: An Overview with Chapter Titles as well as  Opening Thought and Closing Thoughts.

This is our teaser if you will to the outline of the new book arriving in July. Below you will see the chapter titles with the opening and closing thoughts for each chapter. Enjoy!

Hating the word written and hating the word plan.
The architecture of growth

Opening Thought for the introduction
The two words every entrepreneur hates the most are the words written and plan. They have it all in their head, so why would they need a plan and why would they need to have that plan written down?

Closing Thought for the Introduction
With a detailed GPS for your business, your style and your brand, it will define where you are going, the route you are going to take as well as tell you where the gas stations and rest stops are. Best of all, you now have the most options on how to arrive at a clear destination.

Karl M. Gibbons chapters in Chasing your brand and focusing your plan

Chapter 1
They are not buying it or buying into it. The how come and why not.
Increasing Revenues

Opening Thought for Chapter 1
If only I could land Polly the Potential Prospect. Everyone wants to land the big fish and puts too much focus on the big catch, while in trying to do so, shoals of accounts swim on by.

Closing Thought for Chapter 1
You’ve got to get comfortable with chaos. Just when you think you’ve got it right, you’ve got it wrong.

Chapter 2
Please turn the lights out. A favorite solution on how to save money.
Reducing costs

Opening Thought for Chapter 2
Remember when you started out, you nickeled and dimed everything. Looking for all the freebies and savings at every turn. As your company grows, as your profit grows, the idea to save needs to grow as well. Spending because you are making more will leave you with less.

Closing Thought for Chapter 2
Every entrepreneur and business owner should be consistently seeking ways to contain and or reduce costs. It should be as much a part of their focus as growing sales and expanding market share.

Chapter 3
Being good is the new bad. Being exceptional is the new excellent.
Expanding Market Share.

Opening Thought for Chapter 3
We are so determined and so focused to sell to the guy who is buying, but while chasing him to his office, we miss so many other doors that are open to you for sales.

Closing Thought for Chapter 3
The successful entrepreneurs and CEOs of the future will be those who provide exceptional products, goods, and services to the right customer. Trying to sell to everyone is selling to no one.

Cheryl Lampards’s chapters in Chasing your brand and focusing your plan

Chapter 4
Sound decisions and applicable tools to amplify your personal style.
Personalized Image Direction

Opening Thought for Chapter 4
Learning what drives someone to style enhancement, correction or alteration starts with an evaluation and assessment that does not require a tape measure.

Closing Thought for Chapter 4
The best-personalized image direction does not come from chasing down hearsay and rumors seen in magazines, TV Shows or online questionnaires. It is created with the validity that is rooted in the signature style of each individual.

Chapter 5
Is the perception of your presentation aligned with your intention?
Professional Application

Opening Thought for Chapter 5
Despite the latest trends or how fashionable an item is, if it’s not right for you in the first instance, regardless of the cost, it is not going to make a difference.

Closing Thought for Chapter 5
A short time frame is offered for your professional and personal first impressions. The authenticity and authority in your personal appearance should resonate evenly with the professional information or knowledge you’re sharing.

Chapter 6
Internal and external impacts of first impressions and confidence.
Psychological Application

Opening Thought for Chapter 6
A well-organized signature style alters posture, tone of voice and entire demeanors. With the physical presentation in place, it can ignite and empower better self-esteem internally, while radiating confidence and intelligence externally.

Closing Thought for Chapter 6
The relevant and resonating choices of your style should be personalized to your shape, your personality and your presence, for both you and all those around you.

Weisman’s chapters in Chasing your brand and focusing your plan

Chapter 7
Overthinking and under branding with dangerous assumptions
Physical Brand Discovery and Security

Opening Thought for Chapter 7
Your brand discovery and brand evaluation go worlds deeper than your product, your service or your business. This complacency mixed with a lack of a solid brand foundation keeps many businesses, messages, and products from ever seeing the light of day or being seen at all for that matter.

Closing Thought for Chapter 7
By researching, creating and securing your brand correctly across the board, it allows your name, images and messages to stand out that much stronger and maintain a greater presence, security, and identity.

Chapter 8
Developing authentic and uniform online messaging with authority
Digital Branding Blueprints

Opening Thought for Chapter 8
Imitation may be the best form of flattery but it can also be devastating to a business that is copying a model that does not suit their product, their message or their budget.

Closing Thought for Chapter 8
With a concise brand strategy applied to an organized brand activation and content creation plan, it becomes easier, faster and more affordable to build and distribute content that engages and converts.

Chapter 9
Brand building with simultaneous elements for compounding results
Compounding Brand Endurance

Opening Thought for Chapter 9
Preparing your own brand menu made up of a series of connecting elements allows for a wide array of content, media, and marketing to be built off of a sound foundation that will make the most noise for you and your business.

Closing Thought for Chapter 9
Committing to that long-term relationship with brand execution is the only way to obtain the best brand engagement and brand endurance for the long run. It is not a race, it is a marathon to chase creativity that you can capture and bring back to present, showcase and share your brand in a way that keeps people connected.

Conclusion to Chasing your brand and focusing your plan

Three people sharing three paragraphs to get three final points across that resonate as one voice with one mission.

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Chasing your brand and focusing your plan. The next book overview.
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