Create Wealth Communities: Educate, Build, Protect, Then Profit.

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Create Wealth Communities: Educate, Build, Protect, Then Profit is the podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really OK Podcast Episode 96.create wealth communities, educate build protect then profit, pinwheel

Create Wealth Communities or CWealthC

Create Wealth Communities is an Educational Operations and Communications Development Group. Achieving the intended perception of a business, venture or vision, while aligning the brand, messaging and content distribution is crucial for broader market visibility and endurance engagement. CWealthC accomplishes this through educating, building and protecting businesses by creating and implementing strategies for execution and endurance engagement.

Developing individualized operation and communication plans that are rooted in the authority and authenticity of the people, the story and the product allow for better creativity, production and engagement. Simultaneously, by correcting or adjusting the operation and communication foundation of an existing business, it can reignite the reach to existing connections while expanding to new ones.

The intention and perception according to Create Wealth Communities

One of our core beliefs is that the perception of many businesses does not line up with the intention. Another theory is that often times the understanding of a company is not only unclear to the public but can often be vague and undefined to those that are a part of the business. A great deal of hype, hearsay, and false promises direct many on a path that will cost more, take more time and even damage a business and its brand over allowing the company, the vision and the message to be seen.

Writing the story, plan, protection, and process based on the authenticity, validity, and authority of a business creates the soundest foundation to build a business on. When the base of a brand and the story is rooted in a foundation of authenticity, authority, and respect, all other elements and aspects become streamlined.

Some of the most robust organizational steps of growth can be confusing when rapid growth is occurring, and ten different people are telling you ten different things that do not line up. With all the changes in business, many of the global standard operating procedures of yesterday no longer apply to today’s modern business world.when the base of a brand, create wealth communities, cwealthc

Create Wealth Communities: Authenticity and Authority

By directing without assumption and validating with fact…

By avoiding the hype and digging into the proof of concept…

and by vetting and double checking for the facts and fiction…

You can move past the false messaging to find the authentic routes for your vision.

The unison aspects of how a project is created or redesigned, while strategically educating, building and protecting allows for the right profit in the right way. From the way it is built, to how it is taught, to how it operates, to how it sustains, the unison of educating, building and protecting the operation and communication of a venture allows for a greater validity and reach.

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Create Wealth Communities: The 12 Branches

The twelve branches of Create Wealth Communities include an organizational strategy team, a strategic partnerships group, a finance company, a land development circle, a leadership and empowerment syndicate, a nourishment organization, a blockchain, and cryptocurrency suite, an arts and entertainment partnership, a construction collection, a property management crew, realty pool, and a trusts division.

Organizational strategy team is educating, building and protecting plans for each business.

Strategic partnerships group is teaching endurance alignment methods for professional projects and visions.

Finance company is providing a moral platform provider for deal structuring and capital provision.

Land development circle is stewarding, preserving and developing land and all it has to offer.

Leadership and empowerment syndicate is developing human capital by changing the societal norms.

Nourishment organization is delivering sustainable food, water, air, dirt, and energy solutions.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency suite is deciphering the architecture and design of blockchain technology and digital currency.

Arts and entertainment partnership is combining business and creativity tactics in unison to educate creative.

Construction collection is building and repurposing residential and commercial structures.

Property management crew is overseeing the equity maintenance of real estate property relationships.

Realty pool is highlighting the tactics and strategies for buying, selling and investing in real estate.

and The Trusts division of Create Wealth Communities is organizing, building and allocating personal and philanthropic wealth.


Each business, venture or vision has its own path and its own authenticity. This is why CWealthC offers an array of services through the variety of branches. Our four primary services include:

Review and analysis
strategic consulting and counseling
temporary and organizational management
Business and people partnering

The 12 key touch points of our services expand out into the following areas:

Initial evaluations and discovery auditing
Competence analyzing
competition reviewing
intention vs perception defining
Brand Strategizing
Development Structuring
Team and Time allocating
Design implementing
Message and Market Educating
Authenticity building
Intellectual and Authority protecting
Endurance Engagement and execution plans for Profiting

These services from Create Wealth Communities go into more detail, which includes, brand creation or editing, operational development or realignment, financial layouts, project management, prospectus and business plan building, content design, crisis management, contract reviews, project coordination, editorial calendar blueprints, publicity plans, product launch plans, internal mediation, earned media plans for national and international execution, productive networking applications, press release distribution, social media organization, leadership education, best practice operation modeling as well as time and money saving execution tactics.

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Create Wealth Communities: Educate, Build, Protect, Then Profit

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Loren Weisman is a Brand Messaging Strategist and speaker with a focus on the authenticity, authority, optics, psychology and perceptions of a brand, persona or product.