Brand discovery to brand development and then on to secure design

Brand discovery to brand development and then on to secure design is a strong path to take when building and protecting a business. A Fish Stewarding Group Blog from Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman.

Brand discovery to brand development. A line by line of pieces and parts of the puzzle.

When you educate, build and protect your business the right way, with the right steps and the right organization and operation in place, the chances of success, profit and sustainability dramatically improve.
Our first step is brand discovery to look at everything from a logo to the logistics…
The finances to the business filings and The compliance to the content being used to promote. 
Brand Discovery is before Brand Development!
The discovery lays out the information to create a brand correctly, effectively and much more affordably. By taking the time to do the research for a brand which includes:
Gathering Intelligence
Online and Offline Patterns
Successful Models
Failure Models
Competitive Products
Comparable Products
Intentional Presentation
Perceived Messages, values, views, connotations, connections, opportunities (investment and partnerships)
Failure Analysis
and Final Conclusions.

Put another way, we look into these pieces.

Initial evaluations and discovery auditing
Competence analyzing
competition reviewing
intention vs perception defining
Brand Strategizing
Development Structuring
Design implementing
Message and Market Educating
Authenticity building
Intellectual and Authority protecting
Endurance Engagement and execution plans for Profiting
Through this first stage, we are able to save hundreds of thousands that most companies spend during brand development as they continually change things around. 

The process allows for the best information to create a brand with the right:

and Longetivty.
With the rooting in: 
With that, when ready these elements can be built and put into place. The foundation allows for all aspects of the brand to be secured, clean, concise and clear for all parties. 
Brand Creation Or Editing
Operational Development Or Realignment
Financial Layouts
Project Management
Prospectus And Business Plan Building,
Content Design,
Crisis Management,
Contract Reviews,
Project Coordination,
Editorial Calendar Blueprints,
Publicity Plans,
Product Launch Plans,
Internal Mediation,
Earned Media Plans For National And International Execution
Productive Networking Applications
Press Release Distribution,
Social Media Organization,
Leadership Education,
Best Practice Operation Modeling
Time And Money Saving Execution Tactics.
In the end, this sets up the structure for the moment but also for all elements to be added to it down the line. The brand discovery to brand development phases allow for the most secure structure to build off of.
It is more than a logo, a look, or an ad budget. When a brand is built from both the creative and the analytical simultaneously, the brand penetrates faster, more effectively and with greater security for conversions to profits for investors, creators and customers. 
This is also a step to take prior to marketing!
These steps of organization, alignment, message clarity for investors, customers, media, fans and even foes will make marketing that much more affordable and take that much less effort.
This is the idea of painting the palette with the words, the plan, the organization and the structure, BEFORE painting to the canvas that everyone sees. It includes: 
Naming Research and Discovery:
Name Checks
Competition Checks
Variation Checks
TLD Security checks
Social Media Site Locks
Trademark Security
Using lead sites such as: 
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Check Marks
TradeMark National Search
Harbor Compliance
Standing Litigation Group
As well as: 
Development moves to Security and Compliance. Not only for the brand and the business, but also for: 
Trademark and copyrights
Business Name and Structure
Financials and forecasts
Legal Contracts and Compliance
Wealth Management
Then the development of the brand content to ensure the messaging is most beneficial and has the most reach in the most directions. The fundamentals here allow for add on services, products or projects to reach a larger audience faster with all that is already set in place. Brand base content includes: 
One Liner
Short Bio
Extended Bio
Company History
Primary Brand Boundaries
Preliminary Brand face
and Brand Languages
Content Strategy and Editorial Calendar
Buzz Words
Avoid Words
Negative Perception List
Intention List
Not all content that will connect you will be from your website or your social media. Preparing the root messaging to fall under Secondary Website and social media branches can allow for an indirect reach. 

The first set of additional sites point to your brand. 
The second set of addition sites point to the brand content but never sell, still guiding people to you. 
– Informative
– Educational
– Humorous
– Political
– Media Friendly
– Simple Content
– Negative Content
– Reviews
The logo is more than just a look and a color. Setting the logo for adaptions and readily available to have clear. It is more than a logo design, it is looking at similar or parallel companies to ensure your design is not overly mistaken or is easy to capture online control of. 
Emblem or Image
Typeset or Font
Tagline color and typeset
Website color and typeset
Background color primary choice
Black on White Scale
White on Black Scale
Transparency Scale
Then the available variations:
First Logo Alone
Then Logo and Title
Add in Logo and Website
Next Logo and Tagline
And Logo, Title, Tagline
Then as three: Logo, Title Website
Go for four with Logo, Title, Tagline, Website
Simplify with Title Alone
Then Title and Tagline
Also Title and Website
back to three with Title, Tagline, Website
Second to last Tagline Alone
Lastly Tagline, Website

Brand discovery to brand development Files including:


High Resolution Print
Low Resolution Print
High Resolution Web
Low Resolution Web
Website, Social Theme Headers and Theme Avatar creation – 
Facebook Avatar – 180×180
Facebook Background 851×315
Linkedin Avatar 400×400
Linkedin Background 1400×425
Pinterest Avatar 165×165
Instagram Avatar 110×110
Twitter Avatar 400×400 – 100KB MAX
Twitter Header 1500 x 500 – 10MB MAX
YouTube Cover – 2560×1440 2MB MAX
Tumblr Avatar 128×128
Google Avatar – 250×250
Google Header 1080-608
Website Headers
Website Holders
(above will fall into all other social sites)
Online Ad Graphics
– Square
– Rectangle
– 1/8 page
– 1/4 page
– 1/2 page
Banner ads
Coming soon systems for optimization.
Social Signals graphics
This is all done before the website, to make the website build that much faster and affordable. 
Website Development
Page Layout
Design Layout
SEO and Optimization Back end
Merchant and Fulfillment Systems
Security Systems
Templating systems for sub product pages and sites
Promo Downloads for PR, Marketing and Media
Online safety is crucial as well. A simple copyright policy and template privacy policy is not enough to protect brands these days from those hunting to create trouble. 

Brand discovery to brand development. Legal Set ups online:  

Copyright Notice
Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions
Delivery and Returns
Conditions of Supply
Acceptable Use
Intellectual Property Policy
Limitation of Liability
FDA Notices
Grabbing up TDLs is more than just a simple .com especially for the primary brand. Securing a greater expansion as well as some misspellings and even titles of product or service names, this is insurance for online and off that fewer people can pretend to be you. 
Domain Secondaries:
The same goes for emails. While you might not need a yahoo or gmail address, securing all of those with your brand and your lead name, keeps others from using it or pretending to be mistaken for you. 
Then to the marketing to
Direct Audiences
Indirect audiences
Authority and Informing Audiences
Education Audiences
Distribution Channels
Lastly, the media will be about: 
We like to get away from the whole:
This is a massive list and many hundreds of hours, but to chip away at the crucial pieces in the right and individualized order for each business or product, every step after becomes easier.
These aspects are used effectively for the start up as much as they are for the established that wants to compound and reinforce a message as they grow. Each step is taken strategically, effectively, productively and in a calculated way to ensure the information, content and result will help to form the most sound and solid foundation for all elements old and new and not even thought of yet, to grow naturally and with messaging that is authentic.
Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman is a contributor for FSG Messaging and Optics. Loren focuses on the authenticity, authority, optics, psychology and perceptions of a brand, persona or product. Loren is also the host of the brand messaging podcast; Wait What Really OK.
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Brand discovery to brand development and then on to secure design
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