Brand Messaging Strategy Initial Interviews and history

Brand Messaging Strategy Initial Interviews and history. A starting point that allows for a better finished product for your brand, your messaging and the content you share.  A Brand Messaging Strategist and branding speaker blog from Loren Weisman.

The foundation of your brand is much more than your business.

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Brand Messaging Strategy starting talks and questions.

When you choose to take the route of building a secure foundation with brand messaging, look to work with those that are going to learn your story. Look to those that are going to find out as much about you inside and outside of business to be able to author the foundation of your messaging in a way that tells your story and not someone else’s.

There are so many are out there trying to create the stories that they think you should tell, instead of discovering all the facets of your story. 

This is part of the beginning phases of the brand discovery to brand development where the starting point comes down to learning you, your partners and your business inside and outside of the brand you are creating.

Brand Messaging Strategy Intel, Info and history.

Yes, the fact that you might be a fan of the Red Sox or can’t stand Sushi or grew up in Winter Garden Florida or whatever… it is all part of who you are. And in outlining and organizing the order of your story and all the different parts and pieces, it allows for many stories to be told. In turn, they all tie back to you and your brand which keep people connected, engaged and interested.

This method is much more engaging than the constant sell or the oversaturated and overdone marketing that only pressures people to buy and pushes away those that have already purchased.

Regardless of working with me or a different Brand Messaging Strategist, be sure to connect with one that wants to connect with the array of you, your story, your history and your business.

This should take place in a series of question sheets and interviews. 

Don’t fill out a simple form and wait for someone to optimize a story that is not yours and only promoting a product. Too many are doing that. Take the steps to lay the foundation of your story, your past and you. And, it is less about the question early on about whats social media consulting? or  What kind of social media consultant you need. it is about laying the foundation for all your brand messaging and your social media content first.

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It is not about having someone write your story. It is all about having someone help to lay out your story for others to receive and hear it.

Then with this compilation of information, it will be easier and more affordable to create the core content for media, for investors, for online and for promotion. it will engage more as well, because it will be true and it will be you.
When your brand messaging strategy is centered around the authenticity and authority of your story, the results resonate with audiences that are getting exhausted on the false hype. 
Take the time to layout that table of contents that of course includes the product, but also goes in depth about the stories behind that product. In the end, you will more than likely have competitors, but if your story is a part of your brand messaging, then that will be all yours. In turn, allowing you to stand out and tell different stories than the number of people only focused on product messaging and nothing else.

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Loren Weisman is a brand messaging strategist and branding speaker with a focus on the authenticity, authority, optics, psychology and perceptions of a brand, persona or product.
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Brand Messaging Strategy Initial Interviews and history

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Loren Weisman is a Brand Messaging Strategist and speaker with a focus on the authenticity, authority, optics, psychology and perceptions of a brand, persona or product.