Mompreneurs and Dadpreneurs branding. Patient Protective development.

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Mompreneurs and Dadpreneurs branding. Patient Protective development. Taking the time to lay the foundation correctly allows for better conversion, compliance and creativity over time. A Fish Stewarding Group Brand Messaging Strategist Stewarding Strategic Solutions blog from Loren Weisman.

Moms and Dads, take your time to build the foundation right when you have the time and resources.

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Mompreneurs and Dadpreneurs branding

A new wave of entrepreneurs seem to be very popular right now with the moms and the dads launching businesses that they want to commit to when a child is old enough for day care or school. Some take the not so great route of jumping into MLM’s and other franchise style at home sales businesses that can alienate friends and in the end not make them all that much.

While others…

begin to build, create and launch businesses from home and start during naps, late nights and any given moment they can. Some take the slow road to develop, while others jump right out of the gate and jump in to things both feet first.

There is a happy medium and these days, when the branding, the organizing and the protective elements are completed over time and correctly, when those businesses are launched, they have the best chance to truly fly.

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Starting early and not just jumping the gun can be the best way to go. Those moments you have to begin the initial phases of brand discovery to brand development, then locking in the protective elements such as business filings, tdl names, bank accounts and some of the other items on a checklist that many other entrepreneurs have to rush through, can be completed over time.

Many are in such a rush that they end up skimping on the brand messaging and shortcutting on the compliance aspects while rushing through other elements that will come to haunt later.

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The point?

Use the time you have to grow the foundation of a business. Do it quietly, strategically and slowly. Build the brand the right way and do not just see it as jumping in to create a business when the free time arrives. See it more so as patient protective development that not unlike raising a child, you are raising and outlining a business the right way. Quote on dark mountain back ground at sunset

Adding to that, it can give you a little longer to dial in all of your personal branding communication and brand messaging strategy so that your messaging and marketing is clear and consistent out of the gate.

The starting of Mompreneurs and Dadpreneurs branding is not about waiting for the right time, it is starting in the small pockets of time.

Take the moments to start the blueprint.

Take the small amounts of time to organize and dial in all the pieces first in the right way.

Keep the announcements offline and quiet. 

By applying the patient protective development method over time to dial in, lock up and put down the most solid business and brand blueprint for investors, other partners, future customers and media…
You will be in that much better shape when you have that much more time to commit to your venture or vision.

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Mompreneurs and Dadpreneurs branding. Patient Protective development. 

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