Branding on the brain. Right and left brain brand investigating strategies

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Branding on the brain. Right and left brain brand investigating strategies. A Fish Stewarding Group Brand Messaging Strategist Stewarding Strategic Solutions blog from Loren Weisman focusing on the details of the investigation and discovery stages of branding.angry cat with quote to left on pink pbackground

Branding on the brain. Both the left and right sides.

Brand investigation is a requirement, if you’re going to build a solid brand and yet many skip on the array of the needed research and investigation elements that go into securing the safety of a brand. That skimping on brand messaging approach can get you in hot water fast.

A lot of people are under the assumption that we’re going to sit down, you’re gonna fill out a question sheet and we’re going to be able to design and designate your brand lickety split.

Now the problem with that is there is a creative element there that is positive and wow, I love the name… that sounds great… I love the look of that logo. That looks great!

Oh, got that tagline. Definitely!

That bio? fine!a puzzle in the background of different pieces with the blog title on top

Here’s the problem though.

You’ve built that with one other person or one of these branding agencies some of which operate in a questionable area between moral and not so moral.

So it’s fast money for them, but it could be devastating for you, for your brand, and for costs that you’re going to need to make in marketing down the line.

Here’s an example of not branding correctly.

You love that logo that they came up with or that a graphic designer came up with, but did the research go into seeing if anybody had a logo similar to it?  Or in some cases and people are seeing this more often using some of those fly by night graphic services… Is it the same?

In a worst case, do you have an issue where the likeness and the look is going to get you a cease and desist order where you can no longer use the look that you paid somebody else to create.

Branding on your brain but how about other brains?

At the same time, what’s that company look like? It might be perfect to you. It might be a perfect product nam. But are there a whole bunch of other products that have that same or similar name? Or as people look it up, is it pointing toward you organically before SEO?

If there are a dozen other things that are very close in that name, it’s going to take more money than if you have something that is more unique to you and it can hurt your personal branding communication as well as mixing up your messaging with someone elses.

This goes with titling. So you bought the .com to something, but not the .net, the .org,

From a protection standpoint, somebody else can buy that up and just having a .com is not control, if you don’t have a strong website and you don’t have a strong base.

So people could be building things that head off to a different product, a similar product or competition.

After the brand audit and review, this is why the research, this is why the discovery, this is why the investigative part is so key.

Branding on the brain behind the scenes.

It’s the behind the scenes stuff. It’s stuff where every so often people come back and go, “I feel like we’ve been spending a lot of hours here, What do we have?“

And I say the most expensive part of an authentic and authoritative brand is investigating, research and discovery.

Because for every idea that’s come up with, for everything that goes into the authentic message…

Is it going to stand?Does it have any negative perceptions?
Does it have any negative connotations for someone else?

What is the comparative to other things?

What is the competitive to other things?

It’s not just that name.

What does that need? What does that name mean to the rest of the world? Branding on the brain for memory

It’s not changing your vibe, your meaning, your heart, your morals… to shift, to get everybody to understand you.

That’s not going to happen, but an umbrella of your brand that is clear, concise and yours with authenticity, And with protection is going to allow the best foundation for you to grow your advertising and your marketing.

Any marketer will tell you that your brands fine, you are ready. Let’s go! Cause they want to make money.

Certain people will come in that are moral, honorable people that say,

“Hey, this is going to be a little bit more of a challenge.“
This is going to be a little bit more expensive to market.
These are some problems we’re seeing.
We might have to go back to the branding board and rebrand this thing.
loren weisman in las vegas

Here’s why.

It is in the strategy and ability to take the time to do the research. Like being that lawyer we see in TV or if you’ve been in a courtroom.

They’re calm, they’re presenting, they hear something that’s surprising.

They go to a certain file and they’re prepared for it or they’re prepared as best they can be for it.

That’s part of the discovery and that’s part of what has to happen inside of your branding research.

It’s not just writing a product name, it’s knowing;

is that name used anywhere else?

And at the same time, maybe some names will be, but do you have the proper crisis management, preventative maintenance, brand protection in place… so that regardless of what comes at you down the line, the foundation will not fall out from under you.

Unfortunately, for a lot of these businesses, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Branding on the brain goes well past SEO to be found.

On the same token, that security inside of your brand, it will make it easier to find not only you, but building that brand so that what you want to be found is found.

That’s not only SEO, it’s finding the right kind of content, the right kind of messaging inside of your communications, which is also part of research and stating this is what’s going to come out for you.

it is much more about dialing in your authenticity and telling your story.

loren on a boat with a cap and sunglassesStay with both sides of the brain in harmony from brand discovery to brand development

it is not all technical, you still remain creative using these tools, these colors, these words, these phrases inside of your creativity to allow every piece of marketing to compound for a greater result and sit on a foundation of a strong brand.

But, you take care of the above while checking the words, the phrases, the look, the feel and the messaging to ensure that it is yours.

Take the time in the research, in the discovery, allow that great idea, that great name, that great tagline, even the content that you’re putting out to be viewed from the competitive, from the comparative, from the intention to the perception, so that you are putting out a message that you are rooted in and feel strong in.

Create the strongest message that can represent you in the best way to the most people as it gets out there to draw out more conversion, more connection, more engagement, and in the end, more authentic sales.


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Branding on the brain. Right and left brain brand investigating strategies 

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