Brand messaging strategy calendar for your content

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Brand messaging strategy calendar for your content and posting can help to align your brand messaging while compounding the effect and reach. A Fish Stewarding Group Brand Messaging Strategist Stewarding Strategic Solutions blog from Loren Weisman.

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A brand messaging strategy calendar helps to focus content

In the challenge of everyday operations for a business, brand messaging and content strategies can go out the window. The plan for a way to connect, engage and interact can take a back seat to content that is only selling.

Then the issue shows up of people getting tired of the same old same old sell and the type of like me, follow me, share me, don’t forget to review, tell your friends and so on and so forth.

The fix is in the calendar and the plan.

With the brand discovery to brand development of your content that includes the key considerations and array of your brand and its messaging, it can be easier to plan out what you are going to put out. In turn, it offers up a better chance to draw in your three audiences and stay engaged with them all at the same time.

Note: The three audiences include: 

    • I know who they are! The people that already know you, love you and are customers and clients.


    • I think I know who they are. that have heard of you in passing, might be connected on social media, but have not converted to customers or sales.


    • Who are they? These are the people that do not know you, your products or services at all.

Too many only focus on the people that do not know who they are and forget about their base or those that might be familiar and on the fence.

So how do you fix that?

By messaging to all three with a message that is not just selling, but is more about engaging, educating and connecting. When you develop a brand messaging strategy calendar of ideas that represent your story, your business, your brand and the respect to all three audiences, you will maintain your existing capture while growing your audiences at the same time.

There is a lot more to this list, but let’s run down five basic approaches.

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5 Content starting point? Think genres.

This will include the direct sell first….

  • Direct Sell: But it doesn’t have to be everyday… and it shouldn’t be. Keep the direct sells in there, but to a minimum. And, in all content, you can close with a call to action to the sell. Still, lead with the engaging content, the material that makes people feel a part of a conversation or entertained and not being sold to.


  • Education Content: Share something that any one could use. Share with them the educational side and hold off some with these posts on the sell side.


  • Opinion Content: What are your opinions about your given field or brand? Why do you think that way and how have you come to those conclusions or views on your business. As you share your authenticity and story, it can help to amplify your authority.This is not selling your products or your business, this is sharing about your opinions that surround the business.


  • Indirect or Redirected Content:  Bring people to new items, events, businesses and information they may not be connected with. Do not just put a link. Share through a video, post, blog or audio, what you are sharing, why you like it and howe you came to know it.Again, this works across all three audiences and invites people to new things, but at the same time lifts your engagement and the desire for people to stay connected or connect more.


  • Tell Your Story & Vicarious Content: Different than the opinion content because you are focusing on your story or your back stories. From hobbies, to where you used to live to the music you love, favorite foods, movies… anything. This separated from the sell story telling can bring people back more often to stay engaged with your story and find that connection that connects them to what you do or what you offer.

Creating the brand messaging strategy calendar creates endurance connections.

The with the above five, break them into videos, audios, images, blogs and links. Take the time to create content. This will give a better endurance system for your calendar over coming up with an idea and just posting it as you think of it.

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At the same time, as you create the calendar, different pieces of content can connect. A blog might reference a video or an audio could reference an image. This way you can invite people to explore the messaging with out the pressure of the sale.

Begin to brainstorm a strategy calendar of your brand messaging and content to help your story connect to all your audiences.

Telling your story and sharing with engagement over forced sales will help you stand out from so many that are only pushing, selling, yelling and telling people to buy


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Brand messaging strategy calendar for your content 

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