Recycled Content Mass Emails. Why they don’t help or work.

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Recycled Content Mass Emails. Why they don’t help or work. A brand messaging podcast blog supplement for Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman’s Wait What Really OK Podcast.

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Mass emails with recycled content. The overview

Do you even need that overview? You know those emails. You joined that email list on purpose or by accident and now you are receiving these updates that seem to have the same content you either on that businesses social media or in a very similar form to competitors mass emails.

Recycled Content Mass Emails. The problem

And herein lies the problem. These “letters of engagement” are actually pushing people away, getting them to unsubscribe or getting you blocked altogether. From the content farms that will swap out a few pictures and personalize with that given businesses name, it comes off annoying. Think of those “personalized” real estate letters with those tips that you’ve probably seen by a competing agency.

This is where the problem of mass emails with recycled content comes in to play. While a company might have some slick snake oil salesman or saleswoman that is creating content for them; in all truth, they are often regurgitating content for them. This also becomes an issue in optimizing this content, since you can get in trouble for duplicate or overly similar content on the search engines.

On top of that, if the content is just grabbed from social media posts, then that is content that has already been made public somewhere else. So, why would someone want to be on an email list, if they can just find it on Facebook without receiving another email?

The solution

The solution is simple. Don’t use content farms!

Work with someone to create a solid editorial calendar which can include exclusive content for your email lists. These are not things people can see on social media or on your website! By formatting basic templates and using positive brand messaging strategies to create an overview of topics to work off of, it can turn in to a fill in the blanks type of situation that won’t take up much time.

You can still add a social media highlight or add a few pieces that might be out there, but open and close with the information they can’t get anywhere else.

Exchanging out the mass emails with recycled content for engagement.

When you engage with exclusivity, consideration, optimization, and respect, your connection and conversions will grow exponentially. Give people a reason to subscribe to your email list, just as you want to give them a reason to connect with your social media pages.

Copying other people’s content can also flag you for using duplicate content. 

Don’t shortcut here. Your customers and fans deserve that engagement. So give it to them.

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Recycled Content Mass Emails Why they don’t help or work.
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