Validation and vetting validity for those you want to hire

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Validation and vetting validity for those you want to hire is the title of The Brand Messaging Podcast Wait What Really OK Episode 113 hosted by Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman. Loren talks about some things to look for as well as what to look out for.

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Validation and vetting validity is a key element before making a cash commitment.

So many claiming they know exactly what to do to make you successful and yet many of them have no clue themselves with little to no experience or authority. Many are selling exactly what people want to hear but are unable to deliver what they claim. Here are some core touch points to look and look out for.

In a time when so much of the life coaching, business coaching and so many of the so called experts have gone online and are out there saying they have all the answers for your business, it is sad to find that the majority have no place, no authenticity and no authority in their claims. It is more important that ever to beware of so called experts that are only looking out for what you can pay and not what they can deliver.

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This is not saying that list includes all of them by any means.

However, this is a snake oil sales arena and many people are getting taken and taken advantage of. In this episode validation and vetting validity for those you want to hire, Loren Weisman digs into a series of touch points to consider and look for when it comes to deciding who to hire and who to avoid.

In the careful vetting and looking out for the warning signs of a bad consultant, the chances of making the better choice go up and the chances of paying one of the not so honest hype artists goes down. Take the time to vet and look carefully into those that you want help with in caring for your business.

Vetting validity for those you want to hire EP113 of Wait What Really OK.

S6. e10. n113. of the Wait What Really OK Podcast is called Validation and vetting validity for those you want to hire.

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