Messaging comes before marketing. An authentic perspective.

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Messaging comes before marketing. An authentic perspective on the impact and the results of creating brand messaging as a first step. S7.E6.N119 of Wait What Really OK.

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Messaging comes before marketing

Yes, marketing involves messaging.

At the same time, my view is that many less than moral or ethical marketing organizations will run with a service, product or business and bring that client to the public prior to the foundational messaging being in place.

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Of course, messaging will shift, move and motion, but in my experiences I see both small and large organizations save a fortune when they can work from a messaging palette that is not just pretty words that hit the intention of the client and the marketing company, but also taking into consideration…
and more.

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The way many of the less than moral marketing types run to hype, pressure, spam and quickly shifting the message campaign by campaign, it ends up hurting the brands message, identity and validity.

On the other hand, Ive watched marketers, marketing companies and PR agencies have an easier time being able to reach further at a faster tempo and a reduced cost.

And it is not about making the marketer less money, but allowing them to make more for their efforts and marketing strategies when the foundation is there.

I feel there are some marketers that understand the aspects of messaging, but a smaller number as a whole.

Messaging comes before…

Still, it seems like so many are out there screaming from the mountain tops about how they will create popularity, opportunity and awareness, yet they throw expensive darts at a board or use unrelated metrics and templates to explain what needs to be done with out really having a complete understanding of what they are saying.

Then many position themselves to take no liability for their spending and their campaigns that were built on the hippest trend that might have no direct relation or application to the specific client.

“Where is the authority and authenticity in plagiarizing someone else’s authority and authenticity?” – Loren Weisman

Or worse, the “I had all these big campaigns that worked 10, 20, 30 years ago” and the ever famous “Here is an example of an amazingly successful campaign I did” but that campaign had a budget ten times the size of the person they are pitching and a completely different product.

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This has been a bit of a rant, and I am not saying it is every marketer or PR group. Still, I have a large issue with the lack of morals, ethics, integrity and professionalism of many in that profession.

That is why I have come to the perspective of Messaging before Marketing.

S7.E6.N119 Messaging before marketing to create a sound foundation. Available on Pandora here. Pandora link to Podcast
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Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman is a contributor for FSG Messaging and Optics. Loren focuses on the authenticity, authority, optics, psychology and perceptions of a brand, persona or product. Loren is also the host of the brand messaging podcast; Wait What Really OK.
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Messaging comes before marketing. An authentic perspective.
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Loren Weisman is a brand messaging strategist with a focus on the authenticity, authority, optics, psychology and perceptions of a brand, persona or product for The Fish Stewarding Group. FSG is stewarding strategic solutions by educating, developing and transitioning businesses through strategic guidance and process architecture.

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