Morning show messaging, performance and delivery at Fox 35.

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The same words can be said by different people and create different results. Wait What Really OK S7.E7.#102 spotlights the morning show messaging, performance and delivery at Fox 35.

Morning show messaging and marketing?

Some considerations and a perspective on the tone, tempo, temperature and transitions in the performance as well as the delivery of the information you want to get across.

While they are a news team, in some ways, they are more of a messaging team. And in their performance and delivery of the news, many could learn a great deal from them as an example.

This is much more than highlighting the morning news team at Fox 35 Orlando and their Good Day Orlando program. This is much more about how the effectiveness of their morning show messaging allows for them to get their news across to so many in authentically engaging and connecting way.

As in any city, there are a number of news stations where many are saying very similar things. A differentiator is the performance of the way that news is shared. Beyond the script and the words on a teleprompter, these are elements that can make or break the way an audience is engaged and connected to information.

Addressing these almost under the hood nuances including transitions, tone, temperature and tempo help to get the messaging across and engage that much more effectively.

At the same time, those same scripts could be read by an entirely different group and have the opposite effect.  This is the same issue when it comes to your messaging and your marketing of products that have nothing to do with the news.

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Morning show messaging and The Fox 35 team.

The way the Fox 35 Orlando team with Amy Kaufeldt, Ryan Elijah, Kristin Giannas, Jayme King and Danielle Knox perform and deliver the news can showcase a great bench mark for other businesses to look at and take note. The messaging works because this is a team that know how to work together to bring that information to the public in an outstanding way.

Learn more about the Fox 35 and the Good Day Orlando team here

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Morning show messaging, performance and delivery at Fox 35.

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