Thinking like an investor may you help find money for projects.

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Thinking like an investor may help you find money for your projects. A Brand Messaging Strategist  Loren Weisman Blog for FSG Messaging and Optics.

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Thinking like an investor can help find investors and money

An excellent things you can do for any venture you are a part of or starting that needs money, is to think from the standpoint of the person that might give you money. This is a key reason in how thinking like an investor can help find investors, investment, and money.

Now, this is not about the whole shark tank approach. This is not the hype and getting the most cash and smallest percentage and the whole hustler and hype thing.

This is about stepping out of your shoes and looking at what you are creating from the investor standpoint. Not just to get money, but to feel confident in the money you would be investing.

Sometimes we are all too close to a given project and we just think to ourselves, “how could it possibly fail?” And in that limited sighted approach, many failure elements may present themselves.

The problem with that is from being too close, from not creating a detailed enough business plan and not looking at every expense and every potential revenue, we find our selves giving vague answers to detailed questions and leaving the plan in potential shambles with a lot more risk on the table.

When the brand messaging and the process architecture are not in place, it can create a greater risk for that investor. When the security and compliant measures are not in place, again, it can make it a riskier investment.

In turn, by preparing the foundation to secure your business, it can create more confidence in other investors.

You can also dig deeper into swot analysis tools to improve your business as well through data driven and strategic considerations to help the messaging of what you are creating.

When you run across the operational touch points, the strategic touch points, the core time frames, and the messaging messages simultaneously; 
It allows for a sound foundation to be heard above the unison and harmonies of so many others saying the exact same thing at the same time. 
Discovery and blueprinting before building…
Messaging before marketing… 

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Giving yourself a better chance

Imagine you had the amount of money that you need and someone else wanted it. What would you want to see from them to know you would most likely be able to get that money back and with interest? This is where how thinking like an investor allows you to attract more investors.

While they think they are ready to jump in and ask for money, when posed with some simple questions for any type of business to invest in, these people begin to ask all the questions, they should…and funny enough, the same questions they haven’t answered in their plans.

How does thinking like an investor makes you smarter?

By thinking like an investor and someone that is about to invest money, you can see that other side of the coin that much better. It can help you to see where the detail might be lacking and where certain assumptions that are clear to you, may need to be more defined for a potential investor.

The last part of how thinking like an investor can help is based on the return. This comes to the point of seeing if there is enough budgeted for what is needed to promote and market to allow that money to come back.

Most business plans are incredibly underfunded or are launched too early before all the funding is in place. The bulk and I would comfortable say most… fail because of it.

Again, by looking at what is being spent where, by looking at the justifications and timelines from the standpoint of an investor, and potentially hiring a business consultant to help to review and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, you will have a plan that is that much more detailed, showing that much less risk and allowing a potential investor to feel that much better about investing in you.

Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman is a contributor for FSG Messaging and Optics. Loren focuses on the authenticity, authority, optics, psychology and perceptions of a brand, persona or product. Loren is also the host of the brand messaging podcast; Wait What Really OK.
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Thinking like an investor can help find investors and money

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