Strategic Services Agreement Example from Loren Weisman and FSG

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Strategic Services Agreement Example (SSA) from Loren Weisman for clients and potentials clients to review how we work and how we define our responsibilities and yours.
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Strategic Services Agreement Example from Loren Weisman

Below contains a sample version of the Loren Weisman and FSG Messaging and Optics Strategic Services Agreement. This is given to each client to protect them, their vision, their intellectual property and their privacy.

The details from a clear strategic services agreement ensure for the most sound, solid and honorable working relationship between all parties.

A downloadable copy of the Loren Weisman SSA is available at the link below.
Loren Weisman Strategic Services Agreement Example Download

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SSA (Sample) from Loren Weisman

THIS CONSULTING SERVICES AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) is made as of the date last written below by and among, on the one hand, Loren Weisman whose business address is 207 West Plant Street, Winter Garden, Florida 34777-0991 (” Loren Weisman/ FSG”) (email:, and, on the other hand, Client/ Business Name. 


               WHEREAS, Loren Weisman, (and/or with association of Fish Stewarding Group/ FSG Messaging and Optics) its branches and subsidiaries are in the business of providing strategic consulting services to businesses and individual clients in respect of a broad array of matters concerning…
messaging, branding, preparing, planning, strategizing, marketing, organizing, producing, releasing, coaching, optimizing, blueprinting, distributing, protecting, soliciting, merchandising other related services such as brand reviewing, auditing, messaging creation, content planning, process architecture, content templates, marketing plans, editorial calendars, social media organization, business plans, production plans, and the co-creation, development, execution and operation of these elements therefore.

WHEREAS, Client and its affiliates are in the business of creating, branding, producing, advertising, promoting, marketing, distributing, selling, messaging for and creating intellectual, physical and digital products, as well as intellectual, conceptual, physical and digital services, as well as events, non profit and for profit organizations and projects.  

WHERAS, client desires to retain Loren Weisman, and Loren Weisman desires to be retained by client for purposes of certain strategic services for
(Title of the service for client) (also called the “Project or Projects”).

1. Retention of Loren Weisman

Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the Client hereby retains Loren Weisman to provide, and Loren Weisman agrees to provide, the Services
(as defined in the Statement of Work document)
to Client in connection with the Projects.

2. Term.

For purposes hereof, “Completion” shall mean the tendering by Loren Weisman to Client the “Deliverables” specifically set forth in the Statement of Work attached hereto.

3. Scope of Services.

Loren Weisman shall provide the Services to the Client as specifically set forth in the Statement of Work.

4. Client Responsibilities.

Client is responsible to fulfill all obligations and requests for content, information and answering requested questions. Lack of the previously mentioned will not allow the project to achieve the level it will be able to. Client will receive warnings in writing or by phone if project is being delayed or negatively affected by lack of work on the clients part.

If client fails to make these changes, the project will be ended. Clients needing more time in certain areas may take away time from other aspects of the statement of work. It is key to stay on schedule and make sure to ask questions as they arise to avoid delays or backups to allow the project to come to the most complete fruition possible.

Client may use paid/allotted time to focus in other areas if desired. However, that will change the scope of services and end results if the project is delayed. Client will be made aware of time issues by consultant.

There are no refunds for the services. All sales are final. Work must be completed in time frame allotted. Projects can be put on hold and resumed at a later date if required by client. In the end, it is the follow through of the client to continue the work put in place.

Loren Weisman holds no liability, blame or responsibility for the results and the actions of a client regarding their follow through, implementation or execution of the work.

5. Payment and Fee

Payment due upon receipt with signed and executed service agreement.

Payment Method Options:  Wire Transfer, WFSure Pay, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, Cashiers Check or Business Check (in some cases).

In matched (sponsored) invoices, sponsored, partially donated or third party supported invoices, Client Pays Full Fee upfront or be approved for financing. If this applies, see amending agreement in Gratuitous Services Agreement Document.

Payment Option 1 – (all amounts) Wells Fargo Wire, WF SurePay or Zelle or Money Wire to:

Wells Fargo Checking Account: (Disclosed only to paying client)
Phone: 001-XXX-XXX-XXXX
Account Number: (Disclosed only to paying client)
Routing Number: Direct deposits, Electronic Payments: 121042882
Routing Number: Wire Transfers/ Domestic: 1121000248
Wells Fargo Account Location: 3301 Daniels Rd, Winter Garden, FL 34787
Branch Phone: 001-407-654-2680

Payment Option 2 (smaller amounts under 1K) – PayPal, CashApp or Venmo Payment to:

PayPal Link:
PayPal Email:
Venmo ID: @lorenweisman
Venmo Email:
Cash App ID: $lorenweisman
Cash App Email:

6. Expenses.

No Additional expenses are the responsibility of Loren Weisman. Client is responsible for all logos, fonts, graphics as well as photos, photo shoots, merchandise and website design or redesign, unless client has hired an independently contracted team to help with these elements. Loren Weisman can oversee such independent contractors if requested.

Client is also responsible for patent, licensing, legal, trademark, publishing, copyright fees, legal assistance, photos, recordings, closing, compliance, distribution, independent contractor development and any and all other expenses that may arise.

All travel related expenses requested by client will be billed separately and are the responsibility of the client.

7. Independent Contractor/ Independent Agency.

Loren Weisman agrees to perform the Services as an independent contractor/ independent agency and not as a subcontractor, agent or employee of the Client or their affiliates. Loren Weisman is not granted any right, authority or responsibility, expressed, implied or apparent, on behalf of or in the name of the Client to bind or act on behalf of the Client or their affiliates. All writing, direction, designs, production alterations, changes, edits, adjustments or repairs to any music, content, graphics or other media is exclusively owned by the Client. Loren Weisman retains no rights, ownership, percentages, production points or publishing to any work completed for the client. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to create a partnership, joint venture or other business relationship between the Parties. Client is also responsible to stay on date with due tasks and information requests. There are no refunds.

8. Governing Law.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the State of Florida, without regard to applicable conflicts of law principles in the US and abroad.

9. Modification.

This Agreement may not be altered, modified, amended or changed in any manner except pursuant to a written agreement executed and delivered by the Parties.

10. Interpretation.

The Parties acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions of this Agreement have been freely and fairly negotiated.  Each Party acknowledges that in executing this Agreement it has relied solely on its own judgment, belief and knowledge, and such advice as it may have received from its own legal counsel. Each party further acknowledges it has not been influenced by any representation or statements made by the other Party’s affiliates or legal counsel.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have executed and delivered this Agreement as of the Effective Date signed below.

The parties may also execute this Agreement in counterparts, each of which will constitute an original.

CLIENT  (Client Name):
 Signature:_________________________________  Date:_________

STRATEGIST: LOREN WEISMAN: Signature:_________________________   Date: ________

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“The details from a clear strategic services agreement ensure for the most sound, solid and honorable working relationship between all parties”.

A downloadable copy of the Loren Weisman SSA is available at the link below.

Loren Weisman Strategic Services Agreement Example Download

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Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman is a messaging and optics strategist for The Fish Stewarding Group.
Fish Stewarding Group is stewarding strategic solutions and building authoritative businesses with authentically sound people. Loren focuses on the authenticity, authority, psychology and perceptions of the message and story.
Weisman is also the host of the FSG brand messaging podcast; Wait What Really OK.
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Strategic Services Agreement Example for Loren Weisman
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Strategic Services Agreement Example from Loren Weisman and FSG.
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Loren Weisman is a brand messaging and Optics strategist with a focus on the authenticity, authority, optics, psychology and perceptions of a brand, persona or product for The Fish Stewarding Group. FSG is stewarding strategic solutions by educating, developing and transitioning businesses through strategic guidance and process architecture.