Brand messaging strategist travel information for bringing me to you

Brand messaging strategist travel information for bringing me to you. Some informational bullet points and touch points for bringing me to you to speak or to consult in person.

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Brand messaging strategist travel information…

For bringing me to you for in person strategy or speaking. Basics on flights, hotels, food, etc.

I’m a very easy traveler and low maintenance.

If you are bringing me to you, here is some of the basic info for booking flights.

Please add a stipend for baggage check both ways or have added directly to the ticket.

Food, local transportation, and miscellaneous will be agreed upon on advance.

Weisman is not responsible for a card or cost for room hold.

Client either uses their card or advances the total hold amount for all days and nights of the stay.

All overseas flights must be business or first class.

For domestic, if you can get me an exit row, my knees will love you.

Stops are FINE!!!!

I do not require non-stop and like to get up and stretch.

Do not waste the money on a direct if it costs too much!

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Key Booking Info

Mr. Loren Taylor Weisman

(Home address shared direct with clients)

Traveling out of Orlando International (MCO)

Points account numbers –
DELTA: 9254007082
UNITED: PB043723
SOUTHWEST: RR20882304155

SPIRIT: 1000922972

Additional Client Documentation for review.
Sample Docs
a book tour poster with the book in the middle and the dates on the bottom.

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