Brand Messaging Strategy Services

Brand Messaging Strategy Services List and Explainer page with Messaging and Optics Strategist Loren Weisman.

Brand Messaging Strategy Services List and Explainer page with Messaging and Optics Strategist Loren Weisman.

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The goal of each of these services is to ensure your messaging is secure, authentic and organized.

*Authenticity * Authority * Protection * Clarity *
* Consistency * Compliance & Engagement*

When messaging is built on the strongest foundation with the best soil (rooted in the right foundation to grow), every piece of content, every marketing element, every story and every event will compound the brand and its messaging to make conversions to connections and sales faster and more affordable.

All too often, brands and businesses are pulled toward the momentary marketing tactics of the here, the now, the spam and the attack that is becoming less effective. They look to get likes, views, shares, comments and reviews, but they do not look to engage, share, connect and allow a greater connection that in turn. Allows for greater results in the long term. These short cuts end up costing much more in the end.

  • When the messaging is build with the authenticity to connect, there are better bonds in those connections.
  • When the messaging is rooted in true authority, trust is able to grow in the best ways.
  • When a brand and the messaging is protected, it allows for the security of the voice, and that messaging to stay true.
  • When a brand and its messaging showcases clarity in its story, it helps to differentiate from anyone else copying.
  • When a brand and its messaging maintains consistency, every piece of content, story or advertisement compounds.
  • When a brand and its messaging showcases compliance, it protects itself, it is investors and its reputation.
  • Lastly, when a brand and its messaging maintains engagement…it draws more people to stay engaged and not feel sold, pressured or pushed. It allows for the new customer to be drawn in as much as the existing customer wants to stay engaged. This allows for the authenticity, authority and integrity to sing its own melody with its own story while standing out from the harmony and unison many others showcase.

    My Brand Messaging Mission Statement:
    30 Minute Podcast Version
    3 Minute Video Version
    30 Second Intro Video
    Brand Messaging Communication
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In a free and brief initial talk…
we can discuss what is working for you, what isn’t, what you want to see and what you do not want to see. Every brand, every message and every story is different. When you work off of standard marketing, advertising and even branding templates, you end up sounding, looking and feeling like everyone else.

You might only need a tune up, you could use a revamp or maybe it is a full package. Let’s talk first to see what might come next. 

When these elements are in harmony,
your brand is in tune.

single sessions, brand messaging strategy services

* 1 Hour *  2 Hour  * 3 Hour   *  Half Day  *  Full Day *

These sessions can run and cover:
Any of the core topics below as well as..
Baseline Messaging audits
Initial Discovery elements
Questions, Concerns or Direction Reviews

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Core Brand Messaging Strategy Services Include:

01. Brand Messaging Discovery Audit, Initial Deep Dive or Review
02. Brand Messaging Research and Intelligence Analysis
03. Brand Messaging Protection and Feasibility
04. Brand Messaging designation, defining and defending
05. Brand Imagery, Logos, Colors, Typesets and Optics reviewing or planning
06. Brand Messaging Revamping or Reinforcing
07. Brand investment or sponsorship outline
08. Strategic Brand Messaging Content Blueprinting
09. Brand Messaging Marketing and Advertising Frameworks
10. Messaging Earned Media and Free PR Schematics
11. Brand Messaging A La Carte: 1, 2, and 3 hour sessions as well as half day and full day.

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