Pastramageddon at Perrotti’s NY Deli in Winter Garden Florida

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My December 28th, 2020 and 2nd Visit.

The Pastramageddon was something special on Sunday.

It’s not your usual end of times pastrami sandwich.

Just the right spice and the right taste with no Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis and over produced Aerosmith songs.

(Which to me, those three can leave a bad taste in your mouth hahahah)

The Pastramageddon sings with flavor. From the pastrami to the rye bread, the pepper jack cheese to the hot peppers, and the jalepenos to the creamy horseradish…

It created a melody in my mouth.

An image of the pastramageddon sandiwch on rye bread sitting on checkered green paper
The Pastramageddon!

I don’t want to close my eyes when I eat this sandwich, cause, well, I will make a big old mess. Ok, no more puns… for today. I know… that was really bad, but this sandwich is really good and worth a try if or when you stop by Perrottis.

The Pastramaggedon at Perrottis NY Deli

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Pastramageddon at Perrotti’s NY Deli in Winter Garden Florida.
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The Pastramageddon from Perrotti’s NY Deli.