Project Downloads Page Example Documentation for Proposals.

Project Downloads Page: Example Documentation for Proposals. (PDP PAGE) for working with Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman, FSG Messaging and Optics as well as the Fish Stewarding Group.
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Project Downloads Example Page
(Example Documentation for Proposals)

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Start of Example Documentation for Proposals

The 7 Example links.

1. NDA
Non-Disclosure Agreement and Confidentiality Statement:


2. SOW
 Statement of Work:

3. SSA
Strategic Services Agreement:

4. INV

5. GSA
Gratuitous Services Agreement and Gifting Statement:
“if required”

6. AAD
Amending and Additional Documentation, Video or Audio Supplementals:
“if required”

7. ZIP
Zip File including all documents:

End of Example Documentation for Proposals

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Explanation of the documentation

In your messaging, in your business and in the protection of your ideas, even when we are only working together for a small number of sessions, I protect every client with the following documentation. This is the list of the documents and why I use them with a few of the highlights in the documents.

1. Non-Disclosure Agreement and Confidentiality Statement: (NDA)

This protects what you share. It allows you to feel confident in sharing information and knowing that it is protected. Any consultant you chose to work with in any area of your business should be under a Non Disclosure Agreement and Confidentiality Statement to set a moral, honorable and professional tone of protection for your vision.
NDA Web Page  *  NDA PDF * NDA Word Doc

2. Statement of Work: (SOW)

This shares an outline of what is being covered in our time together. Even if it is just in phone and video sessions, the clarification of what is going to be covered and what the goals are allow for a better understanding of expectations and responsibilities of both parties.

3. Strategic Services Agreement: (SSA)

This clearly outlines what we are doing together and states that all creative, strategic and/or process architecture created together from systems to brand messaging to methodologies are all owned exclusively by the client with no rights going to me, FSG Messaging and Optics or Fish Stewarding Group.

4. Invoice: (INV)

A clearly stated invoice for you records with a series of different ways to pay for the services.

5. Gratuitous Services Agreement and Gifting Statement: (GSA)

For the clients that have been gifted time and services through a matching source, a sponsored source, a discount, a gifting or other supplementing factor. This clarifies the agreement of that gifting and defines it on paper.

(Not included with all projects)

6. Amending and Additional Documentation, Video or Audio Supplementals if required: (ADS)

This document links to other documents, forms and sites that include information pertinent to this project. This also includes videos, audios, articles and other media links to support and assist in the understanding and applications specific to the project.

(Not included with all projects)

7. Zip file including all documents: (ZIP)

These files are set for individual download as well as in one zip file.

A page created specifically for a client is only active for 24 hours after being sent.

More on my approach…
My Brand Messaging Mission Statement:
30 Minute Podcast Version
3 Minute Video Version

And, here are a couple other links that share about how I work and how FSG works.

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Weisman is also the host of the FSG brand messaging podcast; Wait What Really OK.
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