Podcast Guest Info for Wait What Really OK

Podcast Guest Info for Wait What Really OK , the messaging and optics podcast with directions on how to be a guest and the core elements I look for with guests.podcast guest info for Messaging and optics podcast
Podcast Guest Info for Wait What Really OK

If you want to be a guest on Wait What Really OK, I ask that you have a look at this page first.

This is my core list when it comes to guests and sponsors.

I do like and am open to guests and sponsors…
but, I keep it authentic and it’s my show, so I am picky.

This is not a pay to play podcast either.

And you do not have to be an expert or leader in your field,
you just have to have the authenticity and authority that would make this a good conversation.

I will vet you.
I will look you up.
If what you claim doesn’t line up…
I will not have you as a guest.

I do not respond to guest requests that are spam and being sent to every show.

I do not care how many followers you’ve had,
how you have an Amazon best Seller,
how you have a certain number of downloads for your podcasts
or how many people you’ve spoken in front of or worked with.

If that is your lead, I am not interested in having you on the show.

I do like to create discussions, not infomercials.

If you want to be on the show, it has to be a conversation that will impact the audience,
not a sales pitch.

If you are that much of an authority, then the listeners will look you up afterwards.

Of course, I will add where people can find you, but no sales pitches or false marketing hype.

I do not not accept any sponsors or product ads where I can not personally vouch for the product, service or business.

I do like spirited discussions.

I have no problem with disagreements.

My show is about sharing and engaging, not one upping.

If you have a different view, I welcome it as long as it is authentic, not a sales pitch and delivered with respect.

I do not like insulting, every other word swearing and hype style guests that are closed minded, one sided and arrogant. Confidence is find, the cocky aspects are not.

I do like those that create conversations with the audience and are not trying to talk down to them.

I prefer guests that differentiate clearly between opinion and fact.

If it is a fact, share where it can be backed up by reputable sources.

If it is an opinion, preface and or close with how it is your view and why.

This is a free flow, one take style show. I do not want to be told,
“oh, edit that out” or “can I retake that answer?”

If we have a moment where we are going fully off the rails, I will stop recording and start again.

But, the authenticity in mistakes and those little nuances make for greater connection over something that is too polished.

Again, I compress, do a quick check of base volumes and then upload it.

I am not expecting you to be in a perfect recording and sound proof room.

More Podcast Guest Info for Wait What Really OK:

Please have no music or TV going on in the background
(Seems obvious, but you would be surprised that it has had to be requested a few times)

If you are sick and can not make a solid minute with out coughing, let’s reschedule.

If you can mute yourself for the occasional cough, sneeze, bark or other noises, that would be wonderful.

Please turn off phones, close other windows on computers and try to make it so the only signal coming from you, is your voice.

Still interested in being a possible guest?

If you are still interested in becoming a guest, please send a personalized email sharing:

1. Why you would like to be on the show.

2, What you could bring to the conversation and how you could help or share something with the listeners that could be engaging.

(This does not include them having to hire you, follow you, download a book, a gift, a guide or some sales funnel.)

3. Why you think it would fit the Wait What Really OK format.

4.  Your bio, website information, social media links.

Please include all four elements, I will not not accept any pitches without them.

Secondly, if you spam and choose to send something you send to everyone, I will block.

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*Messaging Podcast Releases and Downloads*
Messaging Podcast Welcome and Intel Request Sheet 
Messaging Podcast Release Form
Messaging Podcast Photo and Video Release

(If we take any pictures of you in person for the show):
Messaging Podcast Model Release

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