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An image of two straw bowls in the background with a quote in the center in a blue circle that reads: "Is your brand messaging telling a story or is it telling your story?"
“Is your brand messaging telling a story or is it telling your story?”

As you strategically create your story with protection and direction, it can allow for a greater chance of compounding your content and message to reach investors, customers, media and beyond. This is not about penning a bio and throwing darts at the wall when it comes to your content. If you are interested in contacting me and seeing what we may be able to do together, I will work with you to look at things from the creative, the strategic, the compliance, the security, the organization and the strategy of your brand, your messaging and your plan to move forward.

I am interested in working with those that can see the extended vision and are not looking to put a band aid on their messaging or branding or trying to create a quick fix. Even if the project has to go a little slower, I would rather work with those that want to build from the authentic foundation up, over those that only want to create moments of hype and hoopla with a goal of popularity.

Loren Weisman is a messaging and optics strategist for The Fish Stewarding Group and its branches that include FSG Messaging and Optics (FSG MNO), FSG Development, FSG Living Homes, FSG Living Buildings, FSG Living Roads, FSG Realty, Gardens of Tye as well as FSG Africa. FSG is bearing the weight of messaging, strategy, finance and development by coming along side. Weisman is also the host of the FSG messaging and optics podcast; Wait What Really OK.
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