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Loren Weisman.

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Contacting me for Business Consulting Options and Services. These are areas I help in: 
Providing strategic organization, optimization and stronger foundations through education, consultation and application for clients. Whether its branding, developing, planning, marketing or another service, each client or business is empowered, educated, organized and prepared to implement & apply these methods for the best results


Brand Precision Marketing Strategist and Counselor Loren Weisman aligns, defines and designs individualized branding, marketing & content planning for start up and established businesses. The core focus of Brand Precision Marketing is organizing, developing & sequencing for conversions.


Loren is based in Florida on the Treasure Coast and is available to clients over phone, Skype or in person.


Places for contacting me on other sites:


Wait What Really Ok Podcast


Part Radio Show – Part Podcast – Part Strategy & Part Comic Relief that takes apart the misconceptions, misunderstandings and mistakes of online branding, marketing and promotion by delivering up to date, easy to understand information that can be applied to your marketing, regardless of your business.

Hosted by Business Advisor, Speaker and Author, Loren Weisman, Wait What Really Ok is A Methodical, Comical and Informational Podcast covering the best approaches for business and the arts today.

Visit for more episodes.


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