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For Bookings, Consults, Speaking Engagements, Music Business Seminars, Music Industry Workshops, or general questions regarding Loren Weisman, please fill out the contact form below. Someone will get back to you in 24 hours.

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Contacting me – Best ways to reach out to me & other music biz folks.
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Contacting me

Whether you are contacting me by phone, using the contact me form, choosing to contact me via email or lets say contacting me by email (via sounds to well, via) or anyone else in the music industry for that matter, be professional in your emailing.

Get to the point. Give the who, what, when, where, why and how of your email. Send links and not attachments and state what you are looking for.

Also make sure that you are personalizing the emails you are sending out. When some one is contacting me and it comes off like they are sending the same email to a thousand people, I am less likely to return the email.

At the same time, if some one is brief, to the point, professional and respectful in a contact email, I will show the same respect and get back to them. Note for note.

The more you can stand out and showcase your professionalism in communication and making contacts, the more contacts you will make.

Lastly make sure you give people all the clear information on how to contact you back as well.

For a free 15 Minute Phone or Skype Initial Music Consultation, please fill out the initial question sheet on the Consulting Page and we will schedule a time for you to speak to Music Business Consultant, Speaker & Author Loren Weisman. If you want to work with me, I advice purchasing my book first to give you a running start as well as following me on social media for the free posts of information that can help you.

Please fill out all the questions on the form at http://www.lorenweisman.com/free-consultation/ to help give the best idea of who you are and where you are at to make the time as productive and effective as possible.

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