Podcast guest booking tactics and podcast host soliciting

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Podcast guest booking tactics and podcast host soliciting. A blog and Podcast with Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman.

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Podcast guest booking tactics

These concepts go back and forth between the podcaster and the guest or representative trying to be on a podcast or get their client on a podcast.

According to podcast statistics compiled from PodcastHosting.Org that was derived from My Podcast reviews, Chartable, Nielsen, Edison Research, Midroll, Statista and Ipsos, there are over one million podcasts out there with over 29 million episodes to date as of September 2020.

In turn, you have a lot of podcasters that are chasing guests and a lot of guests that are chasing podcasters. One of the key problems that plagues both sides is that both forget that this is such a large market.

And in those solicitations, they often sound very template like and very impersonal. Add in the issues of ego and arrogance as both guests and hosts will present less than accurate information about their shows or their authority and you run into more issues.

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Podcast host soliciting

This is a topic that could be a series, but the main points covered include bringing authenticity to your ask, taking away the impersonal and creating a greater sense of authenticity and coming right to the point and asking what are you doing with your show?

Also exploring the ideas around…

Is your show for authenticity and authority or is it purely for popularity and money? And are you pitching your podcast to guests with authenticity and authority?

You do not need to be on every show and why saying yes to every show might be bad for your messaging and your authority.

Should you pay to be on a show? Should you really even charge?

And the objective truth about your show and your authority over the subjective hype that some create while trying to build their authority and popularity.

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In the end, are you being true to yourself, the show you are trying to get on and the topics that are being discussed?

Or are you only trying to get on another show to self-promote and market yourself?

With so much of that happening so often, hosts are beginning to wise up to the false hype.

Yes, there is great reach in podcasts but it can also do damage as well. Whether as a host or a guest, bring the authenticity of you to the table and table the crazy overly hype, impersonal and spammy approaches that way to many others use.

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Podcast guest soliciting and podcast host booking tactics. S7.E9.#122
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Podcast guest booking tactics and podcast host soliciting 

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