Is your messaging clear when others are sharing it or promoting it?

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Is your messaging clear when others are sharing it or promoting it? A brand messaging podcast blog supplement for Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman’s Wait What Really Ok Podcast.

Is your messaging clear?

When others represent or present you, is your messaging clear and still coming through the way you want it to? Some of the best intentions can still lead your message, your brand and your reputation in a bad direction.

Take the time to brand, clarify and align your message with how it should be shared, what should be said as well as what shouldn’t be said.

You might be able to be crystal clear with the presentation, but from your marketing to others you have representing you, they have to hold that same clarity.

It’s not about ignoring ideas and it is not about every one having the same speech, it’s about being on the same page and planning in advance.

The way you want?

When others are representing you, they can do so differently than you, but they still need to be aligned with you and your message.

While someone might have a more assertive approach, listen to it and make sure it fits you. It doesn’t have to be your voice or delivery, but it does need to be your brand for continuity.

It goes beyond how you communicate your brand on social media. The same concepts of personal brand communication, should also be set in place for your personnel.

Is your message still coming through?

From how money is raised to how content is shared to the approaches and direction of promotion, marketing, and advertising, keep it uniform and keep it the way you want it. The stronger the brand messaging that considers more than just you as the messenger, the farther it will reach.

When your messaging strategy has the foundation that allows the message to be delivered in an array of ways that best represents your vision while allowing each person to have their own authenticity in sharing it, the reach expands.

Take the time to ensure your message is coming through from the intention to the perception and from your delivery to anyone else delivering it for you.

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This means, not just writing a bio, a one sheet, a marketing pitch or sales materials. This is about a full deep dive in to the discovery of your brand and the strategy to make it clear from customers and media as well as others you want to have representing that brand.

Stewarding strategic solutions for your messaging is as internal as it is external. Work on honing that message and not just buying into the sales templates to sell. Focus on the message that can be used by numerous people to engage for greater results in the long term..

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Is your messaging clear when others are sharing it or promoting it?

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