Freeze your kids credit with a child credit freeze for protection.

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Freeze your kids credit with a Child Credit Freeze for protection. Protect their identity, their credit and their financial future with a temporary freeze. An FSG Messaging and Optics Blog from Loren Weisman.
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Freeze their Credit… not telling you to freeze the kid!

Protect your child’s credit and their identity with a Child Credit Freeze.

Credit freeze for kids is a great move because it prevents any new accounts being opened up under their social security number for as long as the freeze is in place.

In a day where it’s been reported that identity theft hits a record high, it can be even scarier for a child. The reason is that in most cases, no one in a family is checking on a four years credit in most usual cases. They feel they do not have to worry about credit. This is something that is not worried about till student loans, auto loans, credits cards and usual credit requests that do not occur until 18.

This comes down to being a part of your personal stability and security as well as protection. By going through the protection elements that are telling your story  online, you are not giving away information that can make your family or child easier targets.

Your kids are all the more vulnerable, so freeze their credit.

Going after kids, using social apps, online quizzes, these are the latest ways identity thieves are targeting you.

While no one is looking, this makes kids the perfect target for those trying to steal credit and identities. Where many people today are checking and getting updates from their Discover Card, Capital One Card, other credit cards that track credit and their banks, most are never checking their kids credit.

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So for that extra step and preventative management if you will…

Freeze it and here’s how.

It is required to freeze their credit with all 3 bureaus (Experian, Equifax and Trans Union) and get a PIN to use in order to unfreeze it.

Please note: “You can not correctly freeze a child’s credit online.”

Experian – 1 of 3

A written request AND:

From #Parent and child:
-Full name
-Social Security #
-Complete addresses for 2 years
-Date of birth

From Parent:
-Copy of Drivers license
-Copy of utility bill, bank statement, etc

From Child:
-Copy of birth certificate
-Copy of Social Security card

Mail to:
Experian Security Freeze,
P.O. Box 9554, Allen, TX 750131

Equifax – 2 of 3

A written request AND:

  • Child’s  birth certificate
    – Child’s Social Security card
    -#Parent’s driver’s license (must have current address)

Mail to:
Equifax Information Services LLC – Minor Child
P.O. Box 105139
Atlanta, GA 30348-5139

TransUnion – 3 of 3

A written request AND:

-Child’s birth certificate
-Child’s Social Security card
– Parent’s Social Security card
– Parent’s Drivers license

Mail to:
TransUnion Protected Consumer Freeze
P.O. Box 380
Woodlyn, PA 19094

Take the extra steps to protect your kids and their credit as well as their identities even at a young age.

Here is a video with Andrea Jackson from Fox35 Orlando sharing a segment about Tips for parents to help kids build good credit covering the above and a lot more.

“Are you trying to control and guide truth or are you allowing truth to control and guide you?”

Quote over a lake and tree background that reads "Are you trying to control and guide the truth or are you allowing the truth to control and guide you?"
“Are you trying to control and guide the truth or are you allowing the truth to control and guide you?”

Also for those older kids, taking the initiative and looking into back to school scams and the credit card protection to put in place before someone abuses your credit can be a great idea too. Back-to-school is prime season for shopping, scholarship and dorm rent scams. Here’s how to identify them and use credit card benefits to protect yourself against fraudsters. Back to School Scams and what to look out for.

And let’s not forget the seniors.

From credit to internet safety. Consider a review of this internet safety guide for seniors to find some ideas and ways to keep things in check.

And not just for the kids…

How about Credit Repair for adults too…

According to the New York Federal Reserve, at the end of 2020, the average American household debt was $146,000; up 3.8% from the year prior. With increased debt comes the possibility of bad credit. With bad credit comes poor rates on buying a car, applying for a loan, or even bankruptcy. And unfortunately, the need for improved credit in a timely manner brings about new scams, scam artists, and cybercriminals. 
Credit Repair scams in particular are on the rise. With many offering quick-fixes to your credit score, these companies and websites have become increasingly inventive in their tactics. Some go so far as to claim they can get you a ‘new credit identity’ so you can begin your credit from scratch with no ramifications.
While the below are broad strokes, Money’s Best Credit Repair Companies offers telltale signs of current credit repair scams. Whether you choose to do the work on your own or hire a company to help, the truth is only time and repaying your debt will improve your credit. In the end, if something seems too good to be true it most likely is.

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Freeze their credit with a Child Credit Freeze for protection.
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